Encyclopaedia Framework for Ren’Py

A plugin for the Ren’py Visual Novel engine

Simplifies creating an encyclopaedia, bestiary, glossary, or similar system.

Compatible Ren’Py Version: and higher


  • Sort entries by Number, Alphabetically, Reverse Alphabetically, by Subject, or by Unread status.
  • Filter entries by Subject.
  • Sub-page system for nesting entries. Allows an entry to be unlocked progressively.
  • Locking/unlocking allows you to decide when entries should be accessible.
  • Locked entries can be displayed with customizable placeholders or outright hidden.
  • Entry Unlocks can be tied to individual save games or universal (using Ren’py persistent data).
  • Default visual template is provided, but can be completely customized or replaced using Ren’py Screen Language.


The Documentation section has installation instructions and tutorials.

The Module Index has in-depth information on the Encyclopaedia’s classes and functions.


For filing bugs or feature requests, please use the GitHub issue tracker