Accessing the Encyclopaedia

Just creating an Encyclopaedia isn’t enough. You must give players a way to view it.

Opening the Encyclopaedia

While the specifics of opening the Encyclopaedia will depend on your game, most likely you’ll need to add a button somewhere. This can be on the main menu, in-game, or wherever is appropriate for your game.

If you use the default screens, the Action you want to use for the button is ShowMenu() with 2 arguments. The first must be the name of the screen, and the second an Encyclopaedia object.

The default screen used is called “encyclopaedia_list”.


The framework includes default screens you can use to display the Encyclopaedia’s data.

They can be skinned, customized, or only used as a reference. It all depends on the needs of your game.

The screens are located in encyclopaedia_screens.rpy.